Resource Links

Family2.jpgPlease note that these websites are to be used for information only and are not a substitute for a physician's visit!


Please refer to the American Lung Association website for information about Asthma and controlling your child's symptoms. Use the Asthma Action plan to keep symptoms under control.


Autism questions have been all around us lately. Please refer to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Autism page for more information. We are using the M-CHAT questionnaire as our screening tool. Feel free to complete this prior to your child's 18-month and 2-year well-child check-up.


Please visit the American Academy of Pediatrics’ ADHD page to learn more about ADHD and your child's symptoms.


Please refer to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ page on Obesity for more information. Be sure to measure your child’s body mass index too.


Please visit the CDC website for any questions about vaccines. Keep up with your child's scheduled vaccines by checking the regular childhood vaccine schedule.


Looking for more information about a specific child or adolescent health issue that does not appear above? Try the American Academy of Pediatrics page at or Pediatric Advisor, a resource for parents that addresses over 900 pediatric issues!

Resources by Age

If you're expecting or new to parenthood, the What to Expect series is useful for expecting parents and those with newborns. Also for newborns, we recommend visiting the AAP Parenting Center at for up-to-date information regarding your newborn's health, safety and growth.

For adolescents, we recommend visiting this website with your teenager for help on teenage issues.