About Us

We at EPPA have been taking care of El Paso children since 1911, and will continue to do so. As the pandemic has evolved, we have continued to adapt in order to see our sick patients. We recognize that this pandemic has been difficult on everyone, and appreciate everyone's kindness and patience.In the last 2 years, we have offered parking lot visits, telemedicine visits and in person visits. With this newest wave of COVID, we continue to see patients in the office, while trying to protect our staff, patients and resources. In order to do this, we are seeing COVID positive patients via telemedicine visits and from there, will make further recommendations for treatment.As a reminder, it takes several days to show symptoms or get a positive Covid test after exposure. The best time to be tested for COVID is on day 4 of illness. Too many people are requesting to be tested on day 1 of illness, which leads to false negative results and increasing the spread of the virus. The reliance on testing, rather than quarantining has put a strain on the El Paso medical community. EPstrong.org is a great resource if all you need is a test.If you or your child has been exposed to COVID, and you develop symptoms, please assume you have COVID and quarantine accordingly until the 4th day of illness when the test is more valid. At that time, we recommend using epstrong.org to schedule a test. If you are fully vaccinated, continue to monitor for symptoms while wearing a mask. If you are sick, please stay home. (Please refer to the CDC, school or place of work for specific instructions)There is no treatment for mild COVID and most patients need supportive care only. If you feel your child is needing more attention, we are happy to see them. Our policy is to start by telemedicine and triage those patients that need to be seen in person, while maintaining the safety of our most vulnerable patients. If your child is experiencing severe symptoms, please call 911 or head to your nearest emergency room.

At El Paso Pediatric Associates, we want your child to lead a long, happy and productive life. We look forward to partnering with you in keeping your child healthy!

Our physicians specialize in chronic, acute and preventative medical care for children from birth through the teenage years. We also provide consultation for health-related issues, such as Autism, ADHD and weight problems. We recognize the need for mental health services and are proud to have our very own child psychiatrist Dr Sandra Vexler. Check out her bio!

We have partnered with the Texas Medical Association and Walk with a doc to offer monthly walks. We meet in a park and walk, while discussing healthy topics. This helps model healthy behavior for our children and we love it. Walk with a doc offers free T shirts and pedometers for the kids. Please join us!

These classes are now suspended, but will hopefully return in the future. El Paso Pediatric Associates usually offers monthly NEWBORN CLASSES FOR EXPECTING PARENTS. Existing and new patients are welcome. Topics covered by a Board Certified Pediatrician. These classes include PARENT CPR TRAINING. These are video based classes with an opportunity to practice on an "infant" doll. Please note that this class is not for CPR certification. These classes are great for babysitters too. We also offer nutrition classes through out the year, sign up for our next set of classes!